How Malaysian Football Teams Better Attract Corporate Sponsors

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Law, Sports

With the new Malaysian Football season starting soon and persistent reports of players not receiving their salaries, it is appropriate for us to highlight a few ways Malaysian Football Teams can appear more attractive to Corporate Sponsors.

1. Win Trophies

The most obvious yet the most difficult to achieve. There is no secret formula to this but there are 2 tried and tested ways to this – the Real Madrid formula; which is to buy the best players or the Barcelona formula; which is to develop the best players. However, success alone doesn’t attract sponsors.

2. Protect your Intellectual Property

The cornerstone to financial success is the protection of the team’s Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property includes the club logo; mascot; and moto. The merchandising benefits of a secure Intellectual Property of the team will attract sponsors as such protection will afford the sponsors the exclusivity that sponsors crave for. It also makes more sense for sponsors to invest in the team if they are guaranteed the exclusivity of a secure Intellectual Property.

Teams can also look to License out their Intellectual Property for merchandising purposes. Jerseys; t-shirts; and all official merchandise will then be exclusively produced, marketed and sold by the Licensee.

3. Corporate Social Responsibilities

English Premier League teams as well as NBA teams engage in social activities like coaching clinics; visits to Hospitals; and helping out in charitable community works. This portrays a positive light on the football team and players. This in turn portrays the same positive light on the sponsor.

4. Back to School

Teams should engage the schools in their area. Do coaching clinics; discounted match rates for school children; inter-school tournaments are some easy examples that teams can do. Remember that support for a team must start with people from the community, and this is 1 way of achieving that. These school children are the ones that will buy the team’s merchandise and support the teams at the stadiums.

5. Have a huge social media presence

As obvious as this sounds, trying looking online for Malaysian Football Teams. Official website; official Facebook; and official Twitter is the bare minimum these days, and some don’t have any. Get fans talking on social media about the team.

6. Practise Good Corporate Governance

Explaining what Corporate Governance is would take another lengthy article but in a nutshell, Corporate Governance is the practice by which a company is directed and controlled. It is also provides the framework for attaining a company’s objectives. In other words, it’s a system and practice of better managing the team. Sponsor will have more confidence when a team is managed well, as a team that doesn’t pay their players salary will reflect badly on the sponsor themselves.

7. Appoint former players as Team Ambassadors

By appointing former players as team ambassadors, teams engage the older fans, especially if a team has a long history of success. This would also allow the younger fans to appreciate the history of the team.

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