Partnership Agreement Template

Outlining your rights and duties under the designated arrangements

Get binding and enforceable contracts & business agreements

Avoid problems and disagreements with clear & practical clauses

Need help writing customized Partnership Agreements? Can’t find any template that can include your own specific terms & clauses in the agreement?

Everyone understands that forming a business partnership is a significant commitment. A transaction is followed by an agreement. It is the framework that ensures your rights and duties as Business Partners are fair and consistent.

Writing an agreement from the ground up may appear to be the most natural method to complete a partnership but are you certain that your DIY phrases, clauses, and language will boldly defend your rights in court if a conflict arises?

Lawyers assist you in drafting a Partnership Agreement but the some of them come at a high cost! And not everyone, especially small and medium-sized businesses, can afford it. That is why we created a Partnership Agreement Template to assist you in effortlessly DIY-ing your agreement!

Confidently finalize your business deals with FREE* Partnership Agreement Template!

Writing a Partnership Agreement doesn’t have to be complicated. LawAKA’s templates make it simple to establish a Partnership Agreement by guiding you on the step-by-step draft of writing a good Partnership Agreement.

Complete with guided clauses, simply fill out the blanks with your unique terms and conditions, and in just less than 2 hours*, you can finalize your partnership with your own Partnership Agreement for your future partnerships.

Get binding and enforceable contracts & business agreements

Provide peace of mind and clarity to both parties when conducting businesses as evidence of all of its terms and details with utmost clarity.

Avoid problems and disagreements with clear & practical clauses

Every Partnership Agreement template is absolute and complete with 6 fundamental clauses of joint ventures, ready to be personalized by your terms:

  • Contributions of Partners
  • Duties of Partners
  • Profit and Loss
  • Liabilities
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Exit from the Business

Fast & comprehensive template for establishing terms with partners

The easiest, fastest, and most cost-efficient procedure of forming a partnership in the early stages of business. Our template is helpful for:

  • Partners who are about to start their businesses
  • Partners for future transactions
  • Partners to share profits from their businesses.

Easy-to-use partnership agreement template

Framed and prepared for new partnerships and those starting out in business with easy & practical clauses that can be implemented, used and understood by non-lawyers

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Easy to Understand Partnership Agreement

There is a fine balance between drafting an easy to understand Partnership Agreement that is also legal and enforceable. A properly designed partnership agreement is clear and employs the best terms and clauses possible.

Eliminate partner conflicts with properly outlined contracts

Even if your partners may be people you trust implicitly in your life, disputes can ultimately develop over unexpected topics. Save your company and preserve your rights & duties accordingly.