Our Legal Solutions


Business & Commercial Law

  • Advice and Negotiation of Business Agreements
  • Drafting and Reviewing of all types of Business Agreements
  • Advice on business models and structures
  • Subscription Based Legal Services
  • Pay a flat fee on a monthly basis to benefit from all the services we provide

Dispute Avoidance

Why focus on resolving disputes when you can avoid them all together and save money, time and stress? With years of experience resolving disputes has allowed to foresee potential problems before they even happen.

Sports Law

  • Sponsorship and Commercial Agreements involving Athletes, Sponsors, Sports Clubs & Organizations
  • Legal advice to Athletes on their rights
  • Disciplinary advisory for Clubs, Organizations and Governing Bodies.

Property Management

When a loved one passes away, the family members will have to managed the estate of the deceased. This is done either in Court or at the Land Office. Estate Management is important to ensure that the assets of the deceased are properly distributed to the rightful heirs.


  • Letter of Administration
  • Will – Hibah (for Muslims)

Entertainment Law

  • Endorsement and Commercial Agreements for Celebrities and Companies
  • Intellectual Property protection

Criminal Defence

  • Advice at the Investigation stage or in preparation to being Charged in Court.
  • Defending your loved ones in Court for any criminal charges. 

Family Law

  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Wife & child maintenance
  • Matrimonial assets

Syariah Lawyer

  • Family law for muslims
  • Penceraian (fasakh, talak, khuluk, poligami, etc.)
  • Hadhanah, harta sepencarian, mutaah, nafkah
  • Pengesahan nikah
  • Hibah
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