Our Legal Solutions


Commercial & Business Law

In business, disputes are more than often inevitable. However, why opt for unnecessary lawsuits when you can be protected from the beginning? How? By building solid business contracts and agreements to ensure your rights remain protected.


  • Business Agreements
  • Business Models and Structures
  • Subscription-Based Legal Services

Dispute Resolution

Why put yourself at risks of disputes when there is a way and mean to avoid them and save yourself from unnecessary stress and waste of money, time and energy? With years of experience resolving disputes, we have the know-how to foresee potential problems.


  • Business Risks and Danger Analysis
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Conflict Management and Conflict Avoidance.

Sports Law

Do you know your rights as athletes and brand ambassadors? Do you have the confidence that the contract terms are able to protect your interests? Let experienced sports lawyers to represent you and manage this situation, while you focus on your sports.


  • Sponsorship and Commercial Agreements
  • Athlete Legal Advice
  • Organization Disciplinary Advisory

Estate Administration & Probate Management

When a loved one passes away, family members are left to manage the deceased’s estate. This is done either in Court or at the Land Office. Our legal services ensures to distribute the deceased’s assets rightfully to the rightful heirs.


  • Letter of Administration
  • Grant of Probate
  • Hibah (for Muslims)

Entertainment Law

Copyright, trademark and publicity rights are among an artist’s assets. Without them, creative works can easily be stolen. Let our need to always be up-to-date with the latest legal developments ensures your privacy remains protected.


  • Intellectual Property Acquisition, Licensing, and distribution.
  • Endorsement and Commercial Agreements
  • Copyright, Trademark, and Publicity Rights

Criminal Defence

Have you been charged with a crime? Don’t you want to stand up for your rights? And demand an in-depth investigation? Let our Criminal Defense Lawyer help you dispute the charge and reduce the criminal penalties.


  • Advice and Representation (All Stages)
  • Legal System Navigation
  • Case Review and Plea Option