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Have you been arrested or charged with a crime? Don’t you want to stand up for your rights?

It is absolutely imperative that you take action to protect your rights and defend your future. To aggressively pursue the best possible outcomes, you need careful observations and resources.

Without the representation of an attorney, you or your organisation could be facing immense criminal penalties, including prison time, fines and restitution.

Do you know that majority of criminal cases actually never reach the trial stage?

If you or your organisations have been accused of a crime, do you think it is fair to be charged without proper investigation?

Do you know that federal cases are different than state cases?  And, if your lawyer says different thing for a different case, then you have probably invested your money in a wrong attorney. Make the right choices because the right lawyer goes a long way in your future.

Let us help resolve your problems in the simplest terms while you can look ahead to a brighter future.

We, at Amir Khusyairi & Associates, advise and counsel you and your organisation to protect yourself from a life tainted with a permanent criminal record.

Let our experienced attorneys and staff effectively represent your case to the justice system.

Our criminal defense solution includes the following:


Advice at the Investigation stage or in preparation for being Charged in Court


Defending your loved ones in Court for any criminal charges