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In today’s entertainment scene, independent filmmakers are creating more movies on a larger scale. Established studios, meanwhile, are producing fewer films, with a focus on blockbusters and franchise pictures.

While new distribution models like digital content are increasingly popular, traditional marketing, distribution, and profit models are turned upside down. Do you want your creative works to be left forgotten and unattended?

In a competitive industry such as the entertainment industry, not all practices are relevant. Some look good on papers but they may not be practical.

Legal issues such as media finance, private equity, and M&A must be handled with extra precision. Without proper care, transactions involving major and independent media and entertainment studios might be disrupted, resulting in them losing their rights.

The only way to avoid such complications is to have a well-structured financing contract/agreement (?) drafted before legal disputes happen.

Let us help resolve your legal problems in the simplest terms, while you focus on your artistic craft.

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