Distributing Assets To The Rightful Heirs

We help you manage the estate of the deceased, protect your family’s wealth and gain full rights of it.

Get a proper Letter of Administration and Wills (Hibah)

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The deceased did not have willls and proper wealth management? How do you solve this?

Although starting early is the key, some things just happen unwarned. When this happens, the deceased family is usually clueless on how to manage the deceased’s assets.

Have you heard of the term “frozen assets’’? This is dominantly the result of unclaimed wealth by the family of the deceased. Not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t!

Don’t have a Letter of Administration? And you’re worried that you’re too late to claim your rights?

When a family member passes away, the family will think that they are automatically and totally eligible for the deceased wealth. Because they are family, right?

Well, not necessarily. Without proper documentation, there is a possibility that the assets will be taken away from them!

Let our experienced probate lawyers help you manage the estate of the deceased.

We, at Amir Khusyairi & Associates, advise and counsel loving people like you on how to help protect your assets and wealth so that your family members stay provided even after you are in remembrance.

Let our experienced probate lawyers help ensure the assets and properties of the deceased are distributed rightfully to the heirs


Our property management solutions

Letter of Administration

Will – Hibah (for Muslims)

Asset Protection

Estate/Property Admininstration

Charitable Giving Agreements

Provisions for guardianship of minor children

Plans for any beneficiaries with special needs

Durable powers of attorney

Health care directives


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Do you want to see your family’s rights being taken away? Do you want to add more misery to your loved ones as they watch your hard work and earnings stuck as frozen assets. Take action now before it’s too late!