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Negotiating sponsorship and agreement contracts can be a challenging deal.

Sponsorship can either get your foot into the right door or makes you go in the total opposite direction. It is what many athletes and associations had suffered disputes on.

Signing and negotiating sponsorship requires a lot of preparation. The different kinds of sports and their limitations, where to start, how to select, and what to expect, are the basics of contract negotiation. Do you think you’ve prepared yourself with this knowledge?

Do you know your rights as athletes & brands? Are you confident that the contract terms can protect your

Whatever position you are in, it is always best to review the strategy and approach of the contract. Either you are drafting, signing, or renewing an agreement, you should check whether every outcome benefits you.

But how do you do that? If an agreement is pages long and filled with legalese and jargons, how do you expect to have a complete comprehension?

You need an experienced sports lawyer to represents you & manage the situation.

Amir Khusyairi & Associates advises and counsels leading players like you with a broad range of legal solutions in sports integrity, regulation, commercial, and others.

Let our experienced sports lawyers help you do a “legal checkup” and prepare customized sponsorship, commercial agreements, and legal advice so that you will never be caught in legal frauds.

Our sports law solution includes the following:


Sponsorship and Commercial Agreements involving Athletes, Sponsors, Sports Clubs & Organizations


Legal advice to Athletes on their rights


Disciplinary advisory for Clubs, Organizations, and Governing Bodies

safeguard your rights & reputation

Do you want your hard work to be taken away from you unconsciusly? Poor negotiations and agreements will violate your rights as athletes or associations. Our sports law solution will help you safeguard your rights & reputation so you can focus all your efforts to become the leading player without ever being worried.