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Syariah Law can be difficult to navigate. Without proper guidance and service from a team of professionals who are experienced in the field, some issues can be tougher to be diagnosed.

Since Syariah disputes combine the hybrid between modern society and Islamic laws, information and resources should always be updated. If not, you might lose your case.

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Syariah Law includes all sorts of legal matters—Syariah Court Divorces, Litigation Matters, Children/ Child Custody, Marriage Case Defends, and more.

With a dedicated team that covers all aspects of Syariah Law, your problems can be solved much faster as a Syariah litigation boutique, you can handle multiple cases at once.

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Amir Khusyairi & Associates advises and counsels you and your family to take action to protect yourself from life with permanent side effects.

Let our experienced attorneys and staff help you feel confident in our ability to effectively represent your case to the Syariah court.

Our legal solution includes
the following areas of
Syariah Law:


Family laws for Muslims


Islamic Divorce matters (fasakh, talak, khuluk, poligami, etc.)


Hadhanah, harta sepencarian, mutaah, nafkah


Marriage confirmation / Pengesahan nikah