Ensure the Validity of Documents & Signature for a Smooth Transaction

We help individuals, organizations, and agencies add an extra layer of security to documents and agreements, facilitate dispute resolution, and prevent potential fraud.

Verify the authenticity of documents and signatures

Protect against identity theft, forgery, and other forms of fraud

Measuring the validity of contracts and agreements can be challenging, especially with the alarming rate of forgery cases.

Contracts and other legal documents are key items to many transactions. Not only for business deals, but it is crucial for other important matters such as property deals, applying for visas or immigration processes, and settling legal disputes.

However, one may face dire issues if the documents or signatures are proven to be false or forged for fraudulent purposes.

If documents or any related paperwork is found to be false, one may face civil & criminal liabilities, contractual issues, and even risk damaging their reputation for good.

While many may overlook this matter, documents and signatures are important for any form of transaction. It can protect not only yourself but also the other involved party.

With legal experts’ involvement, such risk can be reduced and help to speed up any transactions, or may prevent any legal issues.

Let our experienced lawyers help to verify the validity of documents and signatures, eliminating the risk of any fraud.

We, at Amir Khusyairi & Associates, can verify and authorize any legal documents, signatures, and agreements for any of your transactions.

Let our legal experts ensure the validity of your documents and signatures, oversee and assist in your legal dispute, and prevent any risk of fraudulent acts by another party.

Why Should You Hire a Notary Public?

Entering into international contracts

Notaries public can also witness the signing of contracts, such as cross border agreements, contracts, business contracts, and loan agreements. This helps to ensure that the contracts are valid and that the parties involved understand the terms of the agreement.

Applying for visas or other immigration documents

When applying for visas or other immigration documents, it is often necessary to provide certified copies of passports, birth certificates, and other personal documents. A notary public can certify the authenticity of these documents, which helps to expedite the application process.

Being involved in cross border legal disputes

If you are involved in a legal dispute, a notary public can help you to prepare legal documents, such as affidavits and statutory declarations. A notary public can also provide legal advice and assist you to navigate the process of the legal system in Malaysia.

Traveling abroad

When traveling abroad, it is often necessary to have a notarized copy of your passport and other travel documents. This helps to ensure that your documents are accepted by foreign authorities so that you may visit other countries without any issues.


By engaging a notary public, you secure a professional partner capable at navigating legal complexities, facilitating transactions, and ensuring the authenticity of critical documents. Trust in the expertise of a notary public for a seamless and legally sound experience.